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God does NOT control the scale…

I know – strange title for a first post. However, some thoughts have been brewing in the back of my mind as I move about my daily existence. As I talk to friends about my new life choices, it occurs to me that everyone is looking for something different in a diet. Some feel the need to make it too difficult and quit out of pure spite. Some make it too easy and wonder why their efforts haven’t paid off. But what about God? Sure, as a church-goer, many a time I’ve laid in bed, sorting out my thoughts, and asked God to give me the strength to find my new path, or even just to get me through the day. But here’s some food for thought: God has nothing to do with your scale. I know — mind blowing, right?

God is a constant companion. He’s the friend who will egg you on, hold you when you’re hurt, pick you up when you’re beyond hope. God is immeasurably good. While God may very well have a plan for me and everyone else, some work has to be left for the human race. I have my talents and weaknesses, and how I approach them is all of my own doing. Here’s how I see it: God hands us the building blocks. Life is not a flat surface — its OUR job to modify those building blocks for our world, and use them to rise in our chosen endeavor. I am responsible for my own level of passion. I am responsible for making myself happy. I am responsible for nurturing my own relationships. Its my job to care about others. Its my wish to have a healthy body. I need to know when to ask God for help.

Bottom line? God won’t get me out of bed at 6 am to do something I hate.

You’ve heard it a million times. Literally, a million: find something you enjoy and incorporate it into your new lifestyle. Find that one bit of exercise that you’re crazy about. Find a diet you can tolerate for the rest of your life. Those are daunting tasks. How do I know what I can live with for the rest of my life if I’m 27 years old? How do I know what exercise I LOVE if I’ve had a sedintary lifestyle? Its a process of trial and error. No crash diet or pill will change your life forever. Here’s where God comes in: Pray for the patience needed to find a new diet and stick to it. I use Weight Watchers — but what works for me may be completely wrong for the next person. I’ll extol its particular virtues in a later post.

As far as that 6 am work-out goes, don’t go whole-hog too soon. First, learn how to wake up earlier or incorporate your work-out into a different part of the day. Remember, these are choices you want to sustain forever. And while God won’t be there with a fog horn to get you out of bed, he did make us social creatures for a reason: don’t be ashamed to lean on your friends for help! I guarantee that you know someone who’s willing to be your cheerleader.

The REAL bottom line? Friends are the greatest things in the world.

Go in peace!


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