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Inspired by Beauty… Find it where YOU are!

Its easy for me to say ‘go out and find nature’, or ‘experience the beauty of the outdoors’. I live in Colorado, and the beauty of nature is out my front doorstep – not that I want to brag. I’ve lived in California and Texas as well. While California is home to some of the most beautiful and diverse land in the US, Texas isn’t exactly known for its stunning beauty. BUT, its there! Living in San Antonio, I was amazed at how beautiful the cobblestoned downtown was, or the riverwalk. Heading to Northeastern Texas, the land is more rugged, filled with crystal clear streams and interesting jagged hills. Go where its beautiful, and your daily exercise will simply feel like exploring. Maybe your idea of beautiful is an air conditioned mall — so, speedwalk while you window shop. Walk vigorously the length of the pool instead of soaking. Scale the nearest mountain – don’t be ashamed, and do what floats your boat! Sure, you might still be huffing and puffing, but when your journey ends with beautiful photographs and a great story, one can accomplish anything.

Below I’m sharing photos from my latest hike – to Hanging Lake. For non-Coloradoans, this is a limestone lake nestled into the side of a cliff in Glenwood Canyon, just a hop-skip-and-jump from Glenwood Springs. Let me assure you – its a difficult hike. Just short of 1100 feet of elevation gain is seen in a 1 mile hike. Yet, thousands of people flock to the spot every year to see this stunning lake – people in every sort of shape, size, age, and fitness level. People are willing to put forth the extra effort because we just LOVE beautiful things!










One comment on “Inspired by Beauty… Find it where YOU are!

  1. I love finding beautiful hikes! There is something about working out in a beautiful place that is just so amazing and relaxing.

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