Inspired by Beauty… Find it where YOU are!

Its easy for me to say ‘go out and find nature’, or ‘experience the beauty of the outdoors’. I live in Colorado, and the beauty of nature is out my front doorstep – not that I want to brag. I’ve lived in California and Texas as well. While California is home to some of the […]

The down-hill battle against Diabetes…

Working in a pharmacy setting, I’m confronted with an overwhelming number of popular questions. Please know that if you have to ask about it, someone else has asked before you (Please don’t be embarrassed to approach your Pharmacist with your concerns). Three of the most common questions: How can I avoid Diabetes? How can I […]

God does NOT control the scale…

I know – strange title for a first post. However, some thoughts have been brewing in the back of my mind as I move about my daily existence. As I talk to friends about my new life choices, it occurs to me that everyone is looking for something different in a diet. Some feel the […]